Consultancy & Advisory

We will listen and develop creative solutions to your problems.

Our advisory services range from the more conventional consultancy to creative solutions such as RAID problem solving sessions. We listen and then develop bespoke solutions to your problems.

We’re Flexible! – when you need us we are there. We offer short term consultancy and ongoing advice and support – we can work as part of your team via longer-term assignments

Consultancy Services

Strategy Development

We believe that inclusion starts with a clear vision and strategy that is firmly aligned to a positive work environment and culture. We guide you in developing a strategy that is challenging yet achievable and puts your people at its core.

Employee Resource Group (ERG) – Strategy Development

Your people are you best asset. Allowing their voices to be heard and influence your decision making through employee resource groups is a great way to acknowledge this. Employing a consultative and coaching approach, we will help you to empower your employee resource groups to be the voice of your people. We work with your ERGs to build a strategy that strikes the perfect balance between strategic alignment with company strategy and membership representation.

Advisory & Delivery Services

Programme Design & Delivery

Do you need a bespoke development programme for your junior employees or maybe you want to create a sponsorship programme to develop your talent pipeline? We can help you to create a programme that meets your needs and stretches your people beyond their comfort zones – where real learning begins.

We take the time to get to know you and your organisations culture before creating a programme that is all about developing your people to grow with your business.

Policy Review

Whether you are just starting out or you’re a well established and reputable organization, if you need your HR or EDI policies reviewed, we’ve got you covered. Our experts will ensure your new and existing policies meet all relevant legislative responsibilities and standard.